hey guys

I think I'm going to friends lock most posts now on here, so hiii friends. I am pretty chill about who friends me, but honestly most of you will probably be pretty bored. My fandom journal is kind of zorabioz but I'mma post here too sometimes. And I'll probs still put fanmixes here. You can friend me wherever, it makes me happy :)

so I'm all

Working on a laptop at work that won't start up, bleah, and I found a tiny little hidden sort of button that's too small to really push with your fingers, so I pushed it in with a pen.

Nothing happened. I guess I DIDN'T learn anything from Tamagotchis.

Whole Again - A LOST Fanmix

It's only nine eight 7 days away, guys. Season 6 of LOST; the end of the end. Am I scared? You bet. Over the past few weeks, I've been rewatching the entire series, and I put together a fanmix for the whole show. It mostly focuses (or was intended to mostly focus on) the beginning of the series, the original Losties, but ends up covering more. I know there's a lack of Freighties/Sun/Jin/LAPIDUS (and probably some other people) in the pictures, but the pictures are more of a guideline than actual rules. Please use your imagination. I promise I'll try to think of something to make up for lack of those guys; you know I love them.

WAIT. I already did. And then I did something far more frightening.

Pictures? Yes, there are pictures. I hope this works out; I experiment too much sometimes. Point being it could be scary if you have dial-up.


Medium: TV
Fandom: LOST
Subject: General
Title: Whole Again
Warnings: Spoilers for pretty much the entire series.
Notes: Pictures! And mostly m4as. Holla for individuals or just take the full zip.

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Guys! I have other LOST fanmixes! Boone/Shannon/Sayid, Desmond/Penny, Daniel Faraday, and Benjamin Linus. And I have other fanmixes! They are all tagged as "fanmix," because I love you.

A lot.

ETA: stock images are from sxc.hu and LOST pics are from lost-media. OF COURSE.

and in non-caps-lock-only news

so I'm doing a Mighty LOST Rewatch, guys. I just finished the first season like an hour ago. I KEEP GETTING TEARY AT THINGS. I EVEN "AWW"D WHEN ANA LUCIA SHOWED UP FOR THE FIRST TIME. also: major chills when they take Walt. every time Claire gets emotional at all, THE TEARS, THEY COME.

I give up! this is silly. I have to get up for work at 8; why am I up? (I almost wrote "still up" but it came out "sup" so SUP?? yeah. no.)

And my possibly crazy housemate just moved out and took her good lamp, so I'm left with a wannabe strobe light and it might be making me more nuts than usual.

p.s. I started watching Battlestar Galactica, and I tried to watch a crapton at once, so I started to resent it for not being LOST. I am, therefore, going to wait to finish it until after LOST. Or, at least, until after the Mighty LOST Rewatch.

for the record, though, you know who is awesome?